About Gion Maruyama
【Gion Maruyama】
「Our concept for your information」
In 1988, I, Yoshio Maruyama opened as the chef-owner Gion Maruyama in the area called Gion providing for visitors a fancy and exotic place where you can feel the changes of the seasons the best of all the places in Kyoto.
The restaurant is located in the center of Gion with glamorous atmosphere. When you take a step ahead into this Japanese restaurant with appearance of sukiya style, you will be invited to feel like putting your head in the air with old Japanese tradition based on the immersion into a new concept. Despite of the unusual feelings around you, enjoy our superior hospitality service of Kyoto, not feeling hard to call on.
「Interior and exterior appearance」
We provide you with the atmosphere and the space you enjoy to the full, just like you wash away all your stresses in this appearance of Japanese sukiya-style restraurant (Japanese traditional style of a residential architecture house) in the center of Gion.
You walk down the alleyway sprinkled with water for purification until you come to the entrance, and then, we will take you to the room. The 1st floor offers counter seating and a 6-tatami horigotatsu-style sunken seating and there are 4 tatami rooms on the second floor with black Wajima lacquer tables and lower chairs including a spot garden. You can have your private room without any attention to other guests. Our rooms are available according to your intended purposes. We do all things and do our best to help you enjoy your time at this place. The emphasis is on the drawing out of natural flavors to produce deep flavors. You can enjoy our Japanese traditional cuisine feeling Japan’s four seasons.
「About our cuisine」
Kyoto cuisine brings together a variety of Japanese traditional art appealing to one’s sense.
You can enjoy Kyoto-style experience of foods in season. In particular, the emphasis is on the drawing out of natural flavors to produce deep flavors, expressing our cuisine through the following five senses: rhythm, light, sound, smell and taste. Our dishes are available according to your intended purposes. Our idea based on ‘ke’ (ordinary life) and ‘ha-re’ (non-ordinary life) has been handed down with care from generation to generation so that you can enjoy Kyoto-style cuisine or Kyoto kaiseki to the full. You can enjoy takenoko (bamboo shoot) in spring, ayu (sweetfish) in summer and matsutake (mushroom) in autumn. In winter, matsubagani (a type of Japanese crab) is served and cooked in front of your table if you wish. Chef’s choices are recommended, always.
「Our persistence」
You can enjoy your relaxed time and blissful moment in our elaborate, cozy space and place.
Our Japanese-style restaurant provides you with our cuisine environment in which we show you four colorful seasons in Kyoto, the old capital city of Japan over 1,200 years. Feeling the change of the season, you can enjoy our hospitality based on a finely textured service. Please use our restaurant when you have an opportunity to meet your friends for lunch or your business partners for dinner. Visitors from overseas also tells us they enjoyed themselves very much.
Geisha of Gion (geiko or maiko) can be arranged if you wish. In Kenninji Gion Maruyama, we do the same service available.

Gion Maruyama

South side, Gion-machi Higashi ward, Kyoto (Below Gion Ishidan or Behind Gion Hotel)
TEL 075(525)0009 
FAX 075(561)9991
(Reservation is required by phone.)